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108 Names of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga Names

Durga Maa is the most ferocious female deity of Hindus. Goddess Durga is the power of Supreme Being. She is worshipped in the form of Kali, Parvathi and Ambika. Durga Maa is depicted as riding on a lion or tiger having eight arms carrying weapons and a lotus flower, maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras.

The name “Durga” in Sanskrit means “invincible”. She is an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Durga manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.

108 Names of Goddess Durga
1Om Drugayai Namaha
2Om Shivayai Namaha
3Om Maha Lakshmyai Namaha
4Om Maha Gouryai Namaha
5Om Chandikaye Namaha
6Om Sarva Gynayai Namaha
7Om Sarva Lokeshayai Namaha
8                                            Om Sarva Karma Phala Pradayai Namaha                                      
9Om Sarva Teerdha Mayai Namaha
10Om Pun Yayai Namaha
11Om Deva Yonaye Namaha
12Om Ayoni Jaayai Namaha
13Om Bhume Jaayai Namaha
14Om Nirgu Nayai Namaha
15Om Aadhara Shaktyai Namaha
16Om Aanee Shvaryai Namaha
17Om Nirgu Nayai Namaha
18Om Niramham Karayai Namaha
19Om Sarva Garva Vimar Dhinyai Namaha
20Om Sarva Loka Priyayai Namaha
21Om Vaanyai Namaha
22Om Sarva Vidyadhi Devataayai Namaha
23Om Parvatyai Namaha
24Om Devamatre Namaha
25Om Vanee Shayai Namaha
26Om Vindya Vasinyai Namaha
27Om Tejo Vatyai Namaha
28Om Maha Matre Namaha
29Om Koti Surya Sama Prabhayai Namaha
30Om Deva Tayai Namaha
31Om Vahni Rupayai Namaha
32Om Sate Jase Namaha
33Om Varna Rupinyai Namaha
34Om Guna Shayayai Namaha
35Om Guna Madhyayai Namaha
36Om Guna Traya Vivarji Tayai Namaha
37Om Karma Gynana Pradayai Namaha
38Om Kantayai Namaha
39Om Sarva Samhara Karinyai Namaha
40Om Dharma Gynanayai Namaha
41Om Dharma Nistayai Namaha
42Om Sarva Karma Vivardhi Tayai Namaha
43Om Kamakshmai Namaha
44Om Kama Samhartyai Namaha
45Om Kama Krodha Vivarji Tayai Namaha
46Om Shan Karyai Namaha
47Om Sham Bhavyai Namaha
48Om Shan Tayai Namaha
49Om Chandra Suryagni Lochanayai Namaha
50Om Suja Yayai Namaha
51Om Jaya Bhumi Shtayai Namaha
52Om Jaahnavyai Namaha
53Om Jana Puji Tayai Namaha
54Om Shastrasyai Namaha
55Om Shastra Mayyai Namaha
56Om Nityayai Namaha
57Om Shubhayai Namaha
58Om Chandhrardha Mastakayai Namaha
59Om Bharatyai Namaha
60Om Bramaryai Namaha
61Om Kalpayai Namaha
62Om Karalyai Namaha
63Om Krushana Pingalayai Namaha
64Om Bramhai Namaha
65Om Narayanyai Namaha
66Om Roudryai Namaha
67Om Chandra Mruta Pari Srutayai Namaha
68Om Jyeshtayai Namaha
69Om Indirayai Namaha
70Om Maha Mayayai Namaha
71Om Jagat Grushtya Dhika Rinyai Namaha
72Om Bramhanda Koti Samsdha Nayai Namaha
73Om Kaminyai Namaha
74Om Kamalaa Layayai Namaha
75Om Katya Yanyai Namaha
76Om Kalaa Teetayai Namaha
77Om Kala Samhara Karinyai Namaha
78Om Yoga Nishtayai Namaha
79Om Yogi Gamyayai Namaha
80Om Yogi Dyeyayai Namaha
81Om Tapa Svinyai Namaha
82Om Gynana Pupayai Namaha
83Om Niraka Rayai Namaha
84Om Bhakta Bhishta Phala Pradayai Namaha
85Om Bhutatme Kayai Namaha
86Om Bhuta Matre Namaha
87Om Bhute Shyai Namaha
88Om Bhuta Darinyai Namaha
89Om Svadhayai Namaha
90Om Naree Madhya Gatayai Namaha
91Om Shada Dharadi Vardhinyai Namaha
92Om Mohitam Shubha Dayai Namaha
93Om Shubhrayai Namaha
94Om Sukshmayai Namaha
95Om Matrayai Namaha
96Om Nirala Sayai Namaha
97Om Nimna Gayai Namaha
98Om Neela Samka Shayai Namaha
99Om Nitya Nandayai Namaha
100Om Harayai Namaha
101Om Paraayai Namaha
102Om Sarva Gynana Pradayai Namaha
103Om Anamtayai Namaha
104Om Satyayai Namaha
105Om Durlabha Rupinyai Namaha
106Om Sarasvatyai Namaha
107Om Sarva Gatayai Namaha
108Om Sarva Bheeshta Prada Inyai Namaha
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