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108 Names of Goddess Saraswathi

Goddess Saraswathi Names

Goddess Saraswathi is the most powerful hindu goddess for knowledge and wisdom. She is considered as the personification of all knowledge like arts, sciences and other skills. Goddess Saraswathi is the consort of Lord Brahma. The name Saraswati came from the words "saras" which means flow and "wati" which means a woman, therefore Saraswati is symbol of knowledge; the flow is like a river and knowledge is supremely alluring, like a beautiful woman.
Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the "mother of the Vedas". Sarawathi Pooja is done by devotees every year to seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi and make the upcoming year successful and prosperous..

108 Names of Goddess Saraswathi
1Om Sarasvatyai Namaha
2Om Mahabhadrayai Namaha
3Om Mahamayayai Namaha
4Om Varapradayai Namaha
5Om Shripradaayai Namaha
6Om Padmanilayayai Namaha
7Om Padmaakshyai Namaha
8Om Padmavaktrakayai Namaha
9Om Shivanujaayai Namaha
10Om Pustakabhrite Namaha
11Om Gyanamudrayai Namaha
12Om Ramayai Namaha
13Om Parayai Namaha
14Om Kamarupayai Namaha
15Om Mahavidyayai Namaha
16Om Mahapataka nashinyai Namaha
17Om Mahashrayayai Namaha
18Om Malinyai Namaha
19Om Mahabhogayai Namaha
20Om Mahabhujayai Namaha
21Om Mahabhagayai Namaha
22Om Mahotsahayai Namaha
23Om Divyangayai Namaha
24Om Suravanditayai Namaha
25Om Mahakalyai Namaha
26Om Mahapashayai Namaha
27Om Mahakarayai Namaha
28Om Mahankushayai Namaha
29Om Pitayai Namaha
30Om Vimalayai Namaha
31Om Vishvayai Namaha
32Om Vidyunmalayai Namaha
33Om Vaishnavyai Namaha
34Om Chandrikayai Namaha
35Om Chandravadanayai Namaha
36Om Chandralekhavibhushitayai Namaha
37Om Savityai Namaha
38Om Surasayai Namaha
39Om Devyai Namaha
40Om Divyalankarabhushitayai Namaha
41Om Vagdevyai Namaha
42Om Vasudayai Namaha
43Om Tivrayai Namaha
44Om Mahabhadrayai Namaha
45Om Mahabalayai Namaha
46Om Bhogadayai Namaha
47Om Bharatyai Namaha
48Om Bhamayai Namaha
49Om Govindayai Namaha
50Om Gomatyai Namaha
51Om Shivayai Namaha
52Om Jatilayai Namaha
53Om Vindhyavasayai Namaha
54Om Vindhyachalavirajitayai Namaha
55Om Chandikayai Namaha
56Om Vaishnavyai Namaha
57Om Brahmayai Namaha
58                                 Om Brahmagyanaikasadhanayai Namaha                                         
59Om Saudamanyai Namaha
60Om Sudhamurtyai Namaha
61Om Subhadrayai Namaha
62Om Surapujitayai Namaha
63Om Suvasinyai Namaha
64Om Sunasayai Namaha
65Om Vinidrayai Namaha
66Om Padmalochanayai Namaha
67Om Vidyarupayai Namaha
68Om Vishalakshyai Namaha
69Om Brahmajayayai Namaha
70Om Mahaphalayai Namaha
71Om Trayimurtaye Namaha
72Om Trikalagyayai Namaha
73Om Trigunayai Namaha
74Om Shastrarupinyai Namaha
75Om Shambhasurapramathinyai Namaha
76Om Shubhadayai Namaha
77Om Svaratmikayai Namaha
78Om Raktabijanihantryai Namaha
79Om Chaamundayai Namaha
80Om Ambikayai Namaha
81Om Mundakayapraharanaayai Namaha
82Om Dhumralochanamadanayai Namaha
83Om Sarvadevastutayai Namaha
84Om Saumyayai Namaha
85Om Surasura namaskritayai Namaha
86Om Kalaratryai Namaha
87Om Kaladharayai Namaha
88Om Rupasaubhagyadayinyai Namaha
89Om Vagdevyai Namaha
90Om Vararohayai Namaha
91Om Varahyai Namaha
92Om Varijasanayai Namaha
93Om Chitrambarayai Namaha
94Om Chitragandhayai Namaha
95Om Chitramalyavibhushitayai Namaha
96Om Kantayai Namaha
97Om Kamapradayai Namaha
98Om Vandyayai Namaha
99Om Vidyadharasupujitayai Namaha
100Om Shvetananayai Namaha
101Om Nilabhujayai Namaha
102Om Chaturvargaphalapradayai Namaha
103Om Chaturanana samrajyayai Namaha
104Om Raktamadhyayai Namaha
105Om Niranjanayai Namaha
106Om Hansasanayai Namaha
107Om Nilajanghayai Namaha
108Om Brahmavishnushivatmikayai Namaha
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