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108 Names of Lord Vigneshwara

Lord Vigneshwara Names

Lord Ganesh is the most powerful of all the gods. Ganesha has been ascribed many other titles and epithets, including Ganapati and Vighneshvara. He is a son of Shiva and Parvati, and the husband of Bharati, Riddhi and Siddhi. In art, he is depicted as a pot bellied yellow or red god with four arms and the head of a one-tusked elephant, riding or attended to by a mouse. Typically, his name is prefixed with the Hindu title of respect, 'Shri'. He provides knowledge, prosperity, fortune and is also the Destroyer of Obstacles. It is for this reason that his grace is invoked before undertaking any task with incantations as Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah.

108 Names of Lord Vigneshwara
1Om Vinayakaya namahaBlessed Lord of all
2Om Vighnarajaya namahaHe king of obstacles
3Om Gauriputraya namahaHe son of Goddess Gauri
4Om Ganesvaraya namahaHe blesses leader of all Ganas
5Om Skandagrajaya namahaHe is the elder brother of Skanda(Subrahmanya)
6Om Avyayaya namahaHe who is stable and does not change
7Om Putaya namahaHe who shines
8Om Dakshaya namahaHe who is an expert
9Om Adhyakshaya namahaHe who presides
10Om Dvijapriyaya namahaHe who likes the twice born
11Om Agnigarbhachide namahaHe who has fire in his stomach
12Om Indrasripradaya namahaHe who granted wealth to Indra
13Om Vanipradaya namahaHe who grants voice
14Om Avyayaya namahaHe who never alters
15Om Sarvasiddhipradaya namahaHe who grants all occult powers
16Om Sarvajnanayaya namahaHe who knows everything
17Om Sarvaripriyaya namahaHe who is liked by every one
18Om Sarvatmakaya namahaHe who is the soul of everyone
19Om Srushtikatre namahaHe who creates
20Om Devaya namahaHe who is God
21Om Anekarchitaya namahaHe who is worshipped by several
22Om Sivaya namahaHe who is Lord Shiva himself
23Om Suddhaya namahaHe who is cleanliness
24Om Buddhipriyaya namahaHe who likes knowledge
25Om Santaya namahaHe who is a saint
26Om Brahmacharine NaamahaHe who is a Brahma chari
27Om Gajananaya namahaHe who killed Gaja mukhasura
28Om Dvaimatreyaya namahaHe who is double
29Om Munistutyaya namaha He who is worshipped by sages
30Om Bhaktavighnavinasanaya namahaHe who removes obstacles in pathof devotion
31Om Ekadantaya namahaHe who has only one tusk
32Om Chaturbahave namahaHe who has four different aspects
33Om Chaturaya namahaHe who is clever
34Om Saktisamyutaya namahaHe who is with power
35Om Lambodaraya namahaHe who has a broad paunch
36Om Surpakarnaya namahaHe who has winnow like ears
37Om Haraye namahaHe who is Hara (shiva)
38Om Brahmaviduttamaya namahaHe who an expert in knowledge of Brahma
39Om Kalaya namahaHe who is a crescent
40Om Grahapataye namahaHe who is chief of planets
41Om Kamine namahaHe who desires
42Om Somasuryagnilochanaya namahaHe who has Sun
43Om Pasankusadharaya namahaHe who holds the rope and the goad
44Om Chandaya namahaHe who is fierce
45Om Gunatitaya namahaHe who is as bright as Sun
46Om Niranjanaya namahaHe who is spotless and pure
47Om Akalmashaya namahaHe who does not have any stain
48Om Svayamsiddhaya namahaHe who has become sidha himself
49Om Siddharchitapadambujaya namahaHe whose feet is worshipped by saints
50Om Bijapuraphalasaktaya namahaHe who likes to get results of Bhija
51Om Varadaya namahaHe who gives boons
52Om Sasvataya namahaHe who is perennial
53Om Krutine namahaHe who performs
54Om Dvijapriyaya namahaHe who likes the twice born
55Om Vitabhayaya namahaHe who is never afraid
56Om Gadine namahaHe who is our ultimate goal
57Om Chakrine namahaHe who is Lord Vishnu
58Om Ikshuchapadhrite namahaHe holds the bow of sugarcane
59Om Sridaya namahaHe who blesses with wealth
60Om Ajaya namahaHe who is not born
61Om Utpalakaraya namahaHe holds lotus in his hand
62Om Sripataye namahaHe who is the lord of wealth
63Om Stutiharshitaya namahaHe who becomes happy because of prayer
64Om Kuladribhettre namahaHe who broke the mountain
65Om Jatilaya namahaHe who is an ascetic
66Om Kalikalmashanasanaya namahaHe who destroys the ills of Kali age
67Om Chandrachudamanaye namahaHe who wears the crescent
68Om Kantaya namahaHe who is very pleasing
69Om Papaharine namahaHe who cures sins
70Om Samahitaya namahaHe who has an affable personality
71Om Asritaya namahaHe who protects
72Om Srikaraya namahaHe who does good deeds
73Om Saumyaya namahaHe who is very peaceful
74Om Bhaktavanchitadayakaya namahaHe who fulfills the desire of devotees
75Om Santaya namahaHe who is peaceful
76Om Kaivalyasukhadaya namahaHe who grants the pleasure of salvation
77Om Sachidanandavigrahaya namahaHe who is the personification of divine joy
78Om Jnanine namahaHe who is wise
79Om Dayayutaya namahaHe who is merciful
80Om Dantaya namahaHe who has a tusk
81Om Brahmadveshavivarjitaya namahaHe who abandoned enmity to Lord Brahma
82Om Pramatta daityabhayadaya namahaHe who is fearful to Asuras
83Om Srikanthaya namahaHe who is the glorious light
84Om Vibhudesvaraya namahaHe who is the God of all divine beings
85Om Ramarchitaya namahaHe who is in the mind of Rama
86Om Vidhaye namahaHe who is very learned
87Om Nagarajayajnopavitavate namahaHe who wears snake as sacred thread
88Om Sthulakanthaya namahaHe who has very gross body
89Om Svayamkartre namahaHe who is made by himself
90Om Samaghoshapriyaya namahaHe who likes the singing of Sama Veda
91Om Parasmai namahaHe who is beyond everything
92Om Sthulatundaya namahaHe who has a big tusk
93Om Agranye namahaHe who is the first
94Om Dhiraya namahaHe who is brave
95Om Vagisaya namahaHe who is the God of words
96Om Siddhidayakaya namahaHe who makes things happen and removes obstacles
97Om Durvabilvapriyaya namahaHe who likes Bilwa leaves and Durva grass
98Om Avyaktamurtaye namahaHe who does not have a clear form
99Om Adbhutamurtimate namahaHe who has a wonderful form
100Om Sailendratanujotsanga Khelanotsukamanasaya namahaHe who gets pleased by playing with the lord of Mountains
101Om Svalavanyasudhasarajita Manmathavigrahaya namahaHe who has a pretty form like nectar and has a form like God of love
102Om Samastajagadadharayai namahaHe who carries all the universe
103Om Mayine namahaHe who has an illusory form
104Om Mushikavahanaya namahaHe who rides on the mouse
105Om Hrushtaya namahaHe who is pleased
106Om Tushtaya namahaHe who is always satisfied
107Om Prasannatmane namahaHe who has a very pleasant attitude
108Om Sarvassiddhipradayakaya namahaHe who grants all powers
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